20 Signals of an Optimized Page

20 Signals of an Optimized Page

On-page optimization is probably what most people think of when they think of SEO. Deep and logical site architecture, titles with targeted keywords, and effective alt text for images.

Search engine spiders crawl websites looking for signals that indicate relevance for particular keywords and establishing the quality of various pages. The spiders gather much of this based on on-page factors. Follow these on-page best practices to ensure that spiders can read your site and determine the quality and relevance of your pages.

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20 signals of an optimized page

o Keyword in domain
o Consistent with non-www subdomain
o Keyword in title
o Keyword in image alt text
o Optimized images
o Keywords in heading tags
o Outbound links to social media profiles
o Keywords in body copy; about 200 words
o Content assets for universal search
o Synonymous terms
o Keywords in category; up to two dashes
o Keyword in page name URL; extension-less
o Fresh content
o Navigation links as text
o Keyword in image alt text
o Strong body copy
o Internal links to current/new content
o Business info: NAP (Name, Address, Phone)
o Outbound links to important industry sites
o Sitemap

That’s it, folks!

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