Brute Force to Top – Why You Are Not Ranking? (Part 1)

Brute Force to Top – Why You Are Not Ranking? (Part 1)

I get PMs all the time asking if my ranking strategies are still working, do I still rank? And many other similar questions…

I thought I will do a new GUIDE to show you guys how to PLAY with TOP PLAYERS.

So lets get a few concepts and then I will get into the whole idea and how you can start ranking and banking.

1. I do not have enough money to do things.

Money cannot buy you ranking. Money can help you get started and it can help you hire people but money cannot possibly help you to become the top site. If that was the case Bing would be #1 search engine, GNC would be #1 for some of the most lucrative supplement related keywords, G+ would be one of the best social sites but that is not the case. I want you to get this outta your HEAD that money will get you the #1 RANKING. That ain’t gonna happen.

Cash will help you do things but it won’t rank you.

2. I don’t have enough content on the site.

It is not about QUANTITY these days gone the good old days of 2003 when you could setup bot generated pages and get away. These days you have to post content that is 1000x better than anyone else out there. (more on how to create 1000x content later, I have never ever seen anything like what I will share)

1000x content better than all the other site is also USELESS if you don’t know how to get the right people to see it, share it and link to it (more on that later).

I bet you are in the list of 99.99999% of others that create content just in hope that others will find it and share it. It doesn’t work like that. I will show you how to get top people to share/link your content without you begging.

3. You are writing content that F**king sucks (REALITY)

If you are like 99.99999% of other people and post articles that people are SEARCHING for then you are never going to get links/shares or mentions. I see it all the time. Your are writing content for USERS. While USERS are EVERYTHING, they don’t have blogs/sites/big social profiles to share your stuff. If you are writing for them using keywords then good luck getting on Time magazine for free.

4. You are building killer links but DOING IT WRONG

Based on my 5+ years of experience I have seen people do this MISTAKE again and again and again. It is like they are BORN to do this.

What is this link building mistake?

You are building all the links to 1-2 or 3 pages of your website while all the other pages are out there with no BACKLINKS. You are leaving it to HOPE and LUCK that your domain authority/trust and some trust from that other 2-3 pages will help you RANK. While it will help, this is not how you are going to rank.

Picture this Soccer Match between Team A and Team B.

Team A
A soccer team where you have 2-3 world class champions and the other 8-9 are USELESS people that you found from your local street.

Team B
A soccer team where you have a mix bag of talent from international champs to national, state and city a more balanced team.

Which team is going to win? Chances are high that Team B is going to win. Team A is putting all their bets on HOPE/LUCK and 3 players while the other team has 11 solid players.

This is the case of your website. Most websites out there are like Team A and they are never going to get on TOP. But sites that are more like team B are the ones that rank and bank.

So stop building all the links to 2-3 damn pages.

5. Your articles are not written for humans

I see it all the time, people posting articles just to get ranked. There is no interest in helping the actual reader. Stories, stories and let me repeat that again STORIES. You need STORIES to hook people up so they will engage with your content. And you are not going to get this type of content by hiring random losers on Upwork unless you are spending hours going through profiles.

6. CR*P Layout

You post your articles as it is by copy-pasting it from your writer. You add few tweaks here and there such as H1, H2 etc but no effort is gone into adding things to TUNE UP the content. I hear some say “oh well I post images all the time” but let me ask you this:

Are you posting the right images? Are you taking the time to find out where to put the image or are you just embedding it randomly? Are you spending time to search for images that will hit it home or just a random image you found on Google search?

I will teach you 10-12 different ways to tune and tweak your content so it stands out from every single other website in your niche and leaves the visitor with nothing but AWE and feeling of this GUY DESERVES A LINK or MENTION.

7. Going for Great White Shark and not sardines…

This is an idea I have been using for past 4 years and every single time I have landed my clients/customer and my own sites on some of the major magazines, newspapers and other big blogs without spending a penny. Many consider this WRONG but I don’t care if you are not going to get journalists to talk about you then they are going to talk about what they want to talk about.

Why I call it Shark vs Sardines? Because most people want to get on TIME magazine and all they do is try to get a journalist from TIME to cover their story/blog but they forget that these people they don’t give a F**K about you unless you are someone special with something special that is going to change the world. For that reason, there are ways to get to them but through lower tier.

8. …….. soon 🙂

I will keep this post updated, I got a lot of work to catch up but I will edit this post and also add part 2 with practical tips for each point. I may add more within a month or so. I will do my best to add the CONTENT LAYOUT TWEAK asap.

I believe the LAYOUT section will take your game to next level.

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