Free SEO Tools

Free SEO Tools

SEO tools are to your day-to-day optimization efforts. Keyword suggestion tools,inbound link analysis software and SERP checkers are vital to keyword research, keyword expansion, link building and monitoring your site’s positional changes in the search results. Many of the SEO tools are available free in the web.

Free SEO tools, there are many out there used for different purposes such as checking backlinks, pageranks, keyword research, analytics etc. It becomes difficult to decide the relative importance and usability of each tool. Hence, in this article I have compiled a list of free SEO tools I use which have made my work easier.

Nowadays you can find a wide range of totally free SEO tools available on the web. And this overview of the most popular free SEO tools is going to help you pick up the ones that can make your website popularity soar.

Most search marketers need not pay for these tools because there are a number of very effective free SEO tools on the Web to choose from. Here’s my list of the five free SEO tools that I use every day. Hopefully, you’ll find some tools on the list to add to your tool arsenal.

SEO for Firefox – This free tool is a plug-in for Firefox from SEO Book. It integrates seamlessly with the Google SERPs for tremendous insight into search engine optimization metrics like toolbar PageRank, Twitter mentions and how many domain and deep page links my site has acquired. SEO for Firefox also shows which links are “nofollow” on a web page (highlighted in red), which is a real time saver for link building and link analysis. Other cool features include number of social bookmarks, Alexa rank, cache date and Wikipedia citations.

Majestic SEO – If you’re building links, this is an invaluable search engine optimization tool for measuring link acquisition. A great feature is the “daily update,” which gives you a daily journal of all your new inbound links. Other cool of Majestic SEO are some slick tools for charting the growth of your site’s link profile with a host of different cool visuals.

Rank Checker – If you’re like me and you’re obsessed with site rankings, then Rank Checker is a must have search tool. SEO Book’s Rank Checker gives you daily rank updates from Google, Yahoo and Bing simultaneously. You can export data into Excel and incorporate it into a keyword ranking report for your search engine marketing clients. Rank Checker also lets you add multiple keywords at once and save those keyword lists as individual presets, so you don’t have to enter the same keywords repeatedly.

Google Webmaster Tools – You can gain some valuable insights on vital performance metrics and your website’s search results visibility with Google’s Webmaster Tools. Features such as organic click-through-rates of your top 100 keywords and the ability to take inventory of all your internal links, really helps you fine-tune your organic search marketing efforts.

Google AdWords Keyword tool
The first step in any SEO campaign is identifying the keywords/key phrases you want to use – popularly known as keyword research. Google AdWords Keyword tool is the most widely used and acclaimed free tool for keyword research. It will let you know which keywords to target, the competition for those keywords, and will also offer suggestions on popular phases you might not have even thought of. There are other paid keyword research tools like keyword discovery and wordtracker which are good as well, but this tool is valuable and efficient when it comes to a free SEO tool.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a top analytics tool available to everybody for free. This analytics gives you details about traffic behavior, funnel information, conversions, landing pages and much, much more.


This is a great tool for analyzing your competition. You can see traffic and engagement metrics for any website; identify sites for affiliate and SEO link building. Also you can analyze competitor keywords and search strategies for free. Other features include; analyzing subdomains, tagging, comparisons, portfolios and CSV download of information. also has a subscription based paid service which you can use to attain additional features.

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