Local SEO Helps Customers Find You Exactly Where You Are 24/7

Local SEO Helps Customers Find You Exactly Where You Are 24/7

Search Engine Optimisation also known as SEO is an internet marketing strategy which is essential for anyone who has a business with a website. Consider local SEO as the Yellow Pages for websites.

There is no point in having a business if people cannot find you. For example, in days gone by customers would check the Yellow Pages to find a plumber on the south side of Chicago. Nowadays people go to their mobile phone and type ‘plumber in south side of Chicago’ into a search engine like Google. The Google search is likely to show up thousands of results. Sometimes even tens of thousands of results. In reality most people just look at the top few listings and hire their plumber. Plumbers on page 2 and beyond simply don’t get a viewing. 

This is what makes local SEO so important. There is simply no point in being a great plumber with awesome customer service and a super website if you are not among the top listings on Google or other search engines for your area. Getting to the first page of Google is exactly what local SEO does which means that local SEO increases your bottom line.

SEO helps people find a plumber while local SEO helps people find a plumber in a special geographical area. So if a customer in the south side of Chicago searches just for ‘plumber’ they will still find your business thanks to local SEO.

Customers who find you can then click through to the company website and learn specifics about the services offered, costs, feedback from customers and even see a photo of their possible plumber.

Another advantage of SEO is that it builds trust and credibility among people who are searching for a local product or service. Just the very fact of being on page one for any given search term suggest that you are a keep player in the field.

Local SEO optimised websites are usually more user friendly by being faster to load and easier to read on a mobile device. This in turn usually translates into people staying longer on your website which in turn makes them more likely to convert into paying customers.

Having good SEO which drives traffic to your website is the same as being open 24/7 because it means that customers can find your service 24/7.

Local SEO involves regular SEO strategies in addition to local information such as your name, address, phone number (NAP) and website (NAP-W). Search engines love giving people accurate useful information because this is what keeps people coming back for again and again for information.

The search engines actually check to verify the accuracy of the NAP-W for local businesses and this counts towards where the listing will rank in the search engines when people search for a local business or service.
Search engines like Google keep changing what is known as their algorithm for ranking which means that SEO needs to be constantly tweaked in order to stay effective. Local SEO experts keep abreast of all the changes in the algorithms and can alter website content, keywords or backlinks to ensure that you business still ranks at the top.

As internet usage and especially mobile web browsing increases people anticipate that the role of local SEO will become even greater for local businesses over the coming months and years.

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