On-Page SEO Checklist

On-Page SEO Checklist

Folks, I wanted to take the time to post this check list. It will help you understand the on-page elements needed to obtain perfect optimization.

Using the following when creating an article or page for your site will help to make sure you are utilizing all the available mechanics that search bots are looking for.

  • Create high quality content, relevant and user friendly.
  • Copy is at least 350 words in length
  • Keyword/Phrase is located in the page headline <h1>
  • Keyword/Phrase is located in a sub-headline <h2>
  • Utilize bold and italics on your keywords
  • Page includes at least one internal link to a page within your site. ( if possible )
  • Keyword/Phrase’s density at least 3-5% – do not over-do the key phrase, your likely to get penalized as spam.
  • Page includes at least one relevant image utilizing the alt tag with your phrase
  • Include the keyword within the image caption
  • Search engines will penalize you for poor grammar or spelling.
  • Social Signals – Utilize SS OR include user commenting sections

Another note worth mentioning, use the meta tag description. Even though bots are no longer placing too much value on the description tag it’s important to have for organic search results. This is the data that will be displayed to users who find your entry in the search results.

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