Our Guide to ON Page SEO

Our Guide to ON Page SEO

on-page-seo-that-work  I wanted to share some seriously good staff so here’s an ultimate on-page SEO Guide.

## Meta Tags ##

I include the URL, H1’s and H2’s when I’m talking about meta tags, because I like to plan them all out together, so for this excersize I’ll refer to them    inside of here.

The key to your success with your meta tags it to not over optimize or under optimize. This can be difficult but let me give you some examples.

Google’s anti-over-optimization algorithm only detects when you repeat yourself, so the key is to not repeat yourself.

For example, this is bad.

URL: http://xxxxxxx.com/teeth-whitening
Title: Teeth Whitening Los Angeles – Expert Dental
Desc: Get Teeth Whitening Los Angeles here blah blah call us now.
H1: Teeth whitening Los Angeles

This is overoptimized and you’re going to find it harder to rank for your keywords. Now I previously mentioned how google’s algo only kicks in when you repeat yourself. Let me show you how you can overoptimize, but not have the algorithmic penalty kick in.

It’s all to do with synonyms.

Go ahead and google “Teeth whitening”, and go through 2/3 pages of results, and write down whatever’s been made bold by google. For me it was:

teeth whitening
tooth whiten
teeth whitened
whiten tooth
whiten teeth
teeth bleaching

These are all words Googles search algorithm recognizes as synonyms for our search term, teeth whitening. Using any of these is _almost_ as valuable as using teeth whitening as a term. So, Now we’ve got 6 options to use in our meta tags, so here’s what we can do.

URL: http://expertdental.com/whiten-teeth
Title: Teeth Whitening Los Angeles – Expert Dental
Desc: Get your teeth whitened at Los Angeles Expert Dental
H1: Whiten your teeth Los Angeles

We haven’t repeated ourselves once here, but we can do better. My research says that we can repeat a phrase twice without incurring any negative effects from the algo. So here’s an even better one (if your target keyword is Teeth Whitening Los Angeles)

URL: http://expertdental.com/whiten-teeth
Title: Teeth Whitening Los Angeles – Expert Dental
Desc: Get your teeth whitened at Los Angeles Expert Dental
H1: Teeth Whitening Los Angeles

Top Tip: Once changing your meta tags, go to Google Webmaster Tools / Search Console, and get them to re crawl & re index your site. You’ll be able to see whether what you did improved or took from your rankings within 6-12 hrs from recrawl. Then you can push it harder by putting more keywords in, or if you noticed a negative response, wind it back.

P.S. I highly recommend also using H2’s once in your pages, in a slogan kinda way that uses your keywords.

Now that we’ve super optimized our meta tags, let’s move on to…

####### content #####

300 words is not enough if you’re doing a competitive keyword.

You want to have lots of content, but you want it to stick very close to topic. Google likes relevance. If you deviate and start talking about something else, the relevance of the page goes down. So keep to topic, 500-700 words is good.

Put your keywords in the content, but use synonym method to get around the optimization penalty. but dont make it unreadable, or even borderline.

Test your content. Recrawl using Google Indexer, wait 12 hours, look at rankings, make some changes, recrawl.

This might be overkill for some, but for people doing SEO on the cheap, it can be very useful.

#### Footer #####

I like to put [business name] – [service] [place] in my footer.

So: Expert Dental – Teeth Whitening Los Angeles
would be in this footer for this site. I haven’t done much research on it, but I have a gut feeling that it helps. It’s natural and it’s keyword relevant. Don’t go stuffing keywords here though.

####### Citation #####

Did you know you can put a citation on your site.

Make it using the link below , copy + paste into your footer. You’ve got a DA??+ citation, woohoo!


### Trust ####

Get SSL; It’s $4/yr at ssls.com, so you have no excuse. Seriously.
Privacy Policy Page is a must. Try to make it unique.
Try to get hosting with an IP of the country you’re targeting. having a unique IP is even better.

#### Mobile Responsive ###

Be light on images and use a responsive theme.

Page speed is a ranking factor for desktop. But mobile friendlyness is only a ranking factor on mobile. Keep this in mind when deciding your theme (you probably do want mobile traffic).

#### Images ###

Add alt-tags to the images, make them relevant.

### Privacy from Backlink Checkers ####

If you would like to make your money site secure from backlink checkers simply open the .htaccess file in the root directory of your website using FTP and add the following lines (do this on your pbns too).

SetEnvIfNoCase User-Agent .*rogerbot.* naughty
SetEnvIfNoCase User-Agent .*mj12bot.* naughty
SetEnvIfNoCase User-Agent .*ahrefsbot.* naughty
Order Allow,Deny
Allow from all
Deny from env=naughty

That will keep you safe from majestic bot, ahrefs and moz. Bing has its own backlink checker, but don’t block Bing or you wont rank in Bing.

#### WordPress ####

Remove wordpress meta from the sidebar.
Remove “powered by wordpress” and theme links.

#### Speed ###
Make your site load fast.
If you know how, install apache pagespeed.
Don’t use a heavy theme.
Install a caching plugin


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