What is Link Building and Why Build Links to Your Website

What is Link Building and Why Build Links to Your Website

What is Link Building

building-backlinksBefore we get into how to build backlinks I want to take a minute to talk about exactly what link building is so we’re on the same page.

Link building certainly isn’t difficult to do, it doesn’t require you have any special skills or tools, but it does require time and effort and if you can commit to those two things you will see results. Essentially link building is simply an ongoing process of gaining the links from another website to your own.

Many say a backlink is like a vote of confidence it shows Google you are a worthy website. There’re so many techniques that are used to obtain links and some are easier than others.

This is often the most time-consuming part of SEO but it is essential to high rankings, but we are going to break down all aspects of it so it is as simple as possible for you.

Why Build Links to Your Website

So why should you build links to your website in the first place?
Google uses links for two reasons, first to find new web pages and second to help determine where they should rank web pages in their search results.
Link building is one of Google’s major algorithm factors for ranking websites today. Google themselves has even said and I quote “In general webmasters can improve their rank of their sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages.”
Links have been an important part of the ranking process for years and they likely will be for years to come and top representatives like Matt Cutts have gone on record multiple times stating link building will be around for a while.
So if you are not familiar with the link building process this is crucial to any SEO campaign that you are working on and to your success in achieving high rankings and search results.


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Two Questions To Ask Yourself About Every Link You Build

Before we even look at how to determine just how valuable a backlink is I want you to know this: not all backlinks are created equal.
With that being said when I am working to obtain a backlink there are a couple of things I like to keep in the back of my mind before even take the next step in analyzing the quality of a potential backlink. First if it’s hard to get the backlink it’s probably worth it.
Typically speaking backlinks that aren’t super easy to get aren’t going to have much impact. Valuable links are often harder to get.  This is what can keep me motivated towards going after links I really want instead of just giving up for settling on another link that isn’t going to help boost my rankings as much.
You will understand more why when we talk about how many backlinks you should go for.
The second thing I like to keep in mind I actually picked up from Eric Ward who has been linked building since the early nineties and is one of the top experts on the subject.
He asked this question: Would I want this link if Google didn’t exist?
Without wasting time measuring any domain metrics this question alone will help tell you if the link is worth getting. It’s important to consider what a link can do for you outside of just helping your business rank.
Of course some links are going to be better than others, some will do nothing for you and some will do a lot. You’ll go after a mix of links, but these are a couple of tips to keep in mind.
Next post will be about Ultimate Criteria For Determining The Value of a Backlink so stay tuned.


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